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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Almost all items are shipped same or next business day of payment. In some cases international shipments and freight may take up to 3 or 4 days to be sent out. If you do not receive a tracking number automatically in the email address attached to your account, please contact us and we can get you one if you would like. ATTENTION TO ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: You are responsible for paying your country's Duties and Taxes.
Slidegood, Inc. reserves the right to replace any damaged or defective parts. Every item we ship is completely insured against loss or damage. If you receive defective or damaged merchandise , KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING, and follow the calims process below:
1.) Send an email to return@slidegood.com containing a description of the damage and at least (3) pictures that clearly show what has been damaged.
2.) After reviewing your claim request we will contact you and if necessary a UPS Pickup Request will be issued.
3.) Upon receiving the damaged merchandise, a replacement -OR- in-store credit will be issued within 1-3 business days. NOTE: When replacing a defective electrical part only one replacement will be given.
Privacy & Security
Slidegood, Inc. respects your privacy. Our website is secured by Comodo CA Limited to ensure the safety of all your information. Also, we do not keep your credit card numbers or sell any of your information to other companies.
Returns Policy
Notice, it is completely the buyers responsibility to make sure an item will work for their application prior to purchase. All returns are for store credit only and are subject to the following conditions:
1.) The part(s) bears authentic Slidegood, Inc. markings which appear on all our merchandise.
2.) The part(s) have not been used for non-OEM application including but not limited to; off road use, racing use, swaps, or anything that is different from the original manufacturers intended use.
3.) The part(s) have not been altered, modified, diassembled, overheated or damaged.
4.) The customer has their original invoice.
5.) Absolutely NO returns after 30 days of receiving the item.
6.) Non-defective parts are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Buyer is also responsible for shipping both ways.
Your order and payment for parts states your acceptance of Slidegood, Inc.'s Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
We accept PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We price based on market value at the time of listing. So some identical parts may have different prices. We also accept deposits to hold parts for up to 60 days. Negotiated parts deposits are held for 60 days and are non-refundable. Minimum of 10% deposit required to hold items.
Receive the wrong item?
Slidegood, Inc. intends to provide quality parts in a timely manner. If you receive a part(s) that differ from those ordered, send an email to return@slidegood.com describing the situation. We will work quickly to resolve the issue. We reserve the right to either replace the part or issue an in-store credit. Remember that we are here to work with you the best we can.
Warranty Information
Slidegood, Inc. warrants recycled parts we sell for 60 days from the original purchase date. Some of our parts may come with accessories attached. These parts are left on the main part to aid in the installation process, but are not covered in your warranty. Warranty only covers parts that have not been used for non-OEM application including but not limited to; off road use, racing use, swaps, or anything that is different from the original manufacturers intended use. Slidegood, Inc. reserves the right to send a replacement for all parts warrantied. If a replacement is refused the part must be returned and is subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Void if conditions are not met. Our engines come with a 60 day parts only warranty unless otherwise stated. This is a part replacement warranty only. Installation and labor costs are not covered, so if the part fails, we will send a replacement part provided all warranty requirements are met (see below for warranty requirements).  
Engines are sold as a long block only and do not include any accessories or the transmission. Meaning-all engines are sold WITH OUT the Starter, Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Turbo, Supercharger, AC Compressor, Plastic Engine Covers , Wiring harness, Coil Pack, Distributor, Throttle Body, and Main Computer.
All other components included are considered convenience items and are not covered by our warranty.
Most engines will include Intake Manifolds, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Rails, and Sensors.  These items are NOT Guaranteed to be included nor are they covered under our warranty. You should expect to use your existing Intake Manifold(s), Exhaust Manifold(s), Sensors, and Wiring Harness to eliminate complications when installing the engine.

Engine Warranty Requirements:
-Replace engine oil to manufacturer’s suggested level
-Replace oil filter
-Flush oil coolers
-Replace valve cover gasket(s)
-Replace oil pan gasket and main seal
-Replace Timing Belt and idler pulley(s)
-Ensure motor is timed correctly before installation of motor
-Replace Timing Chain if mileage meets manufacture specifications
-Replace thermostat and gasket
-Flush and inspect cooling system (including radiator)
-Install new spark plugs
-Install new belts and hoses
-Other installation procedures may apply. Contact the vehicle manufacturer for specific installation instructions